Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sumi-e of Life.... The Game

I am playing the game of life.... better,  a role in the play called “Life”; with ups and downs, certainties and doubts, joys and sorrows.

Then, I
lay out the paper, prepare the ink, take the brush ...... the story  stops like having pushed the pause button.

I look at the subject matter, a flower let's say, that I am about to paint, what do I see?.... I see myself.... And I paint that self in a form of a flower.... I am the flower, or maybe the flower is me?..... I am home!.....

When my Sumi-e painting is done, I clean my brushes, wash the ink-stone, put everything back where it belongs. I go back to play my game, the role in the play called  “Life”..... with a feeling of having had a great encounter... 

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