Thursday, 12 March 2015

Living Sumi-e Life

I have created my first slide show of my Sumi-e paintings on YouTube. I intend to make more, and most likely, instructional videos. You are welcome to subscribe to my channel to get the updates. Enjoy!

There are many books/articles explaining the philosophical and practical aspects of this seemingly easy, but profound form of art. Sumi-e is based on creating a union between opposite forces; black and white, motion and stillness, vitality and restraint..... following the order of nature …. the Tao .

One can get overwhelmed by the complexity of everything around him/her and even the complex nature of oneself. Sumi-e crossed my path when I was searching for a simplicity and meaning in my overwhelming personal and artistic life. Prior to this, in my drawings and paintings, I was already trying to distil the essence of my subject. Sumi-e has opened my eyes and heart by teaching me to see deeper than what is perceived by eye and mind.

Sumi-e practice helped me develop concentration and patience and to get clarity in seeing beyond the physical. It has become an extension of my life. I have  realized that living a life by its principles, that is,  constantly finding and creating balance and harmony in life's opposing and often exaggerated energies, gives meaning to existence. In its simplicity, Sumi-e makes me experience the miraculousness of life.

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