Thursday, 13 November 2014

My Thoughts On Art, Links

Did cavemen ask what art is? I doubt it. I would imagine though that it was their natural means self expression and I assume it a had purpose...communication. Aren't we, artists doing the same thing, communicating?

The modern human mind is very complex. Everything that we see, we tend to analyze, judge, approve or reject. But art in my understanding (or better, I prefer seeing it as) a way of getting in touch with our senses, feelings, emotions and sharing that with others. It is how genuinely the artist expresses her/his emotions and how effectively the message comes across, that decides the success of it's accomplishment.

I get puzzled sometimes with some of the expression that is called art these days. In attempt to understand and find some clarity in my perception, I question those thoughts in some of my blog posts. So far I seem to find great support in exploring this in the Eastern philosophies. Despite it's difference in aesthetic expression, when it comes to understanding the human state of being, it is universal and timeless. It is from there that the artist creates.

Sumi-e painting, Japanese brush painting is one of my means of communication. Like in Sumi-e painting, with very few strokes,  here in my blog post "Why Do I Create Art", with very few sentences I explain the reasons for my aspiration to create.

Below are the links to my previous blogs of my thoughts, insights on what art and creating is about....of course under the influence of Eastern philosophies :)  It is in chronological order, from old to newer ones and I will be adding links as they appear...

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  1. Enjoyed your discussion (above). Art must have originated as a language on cave walls. As communication and later an expression. When wo/man had more time to reflect and see beauty I believe expression became as or more important than just reporting. TigerLily Cross

    1. Thanks for your comment. Hope the artists will find the way back.....I am working on it :)