Saturday, 30 August 2014

Tao Te Ching for Artists Links

To facilitate the access, I am creating this  page of links to my interpretations of Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching" through my heart/mind (verse by verse), geared towards the artist, towards creating ....But aren't we all Artists....isn't Creating what life is all about?

As I time passes and I publish the following ones (there are 81 verses), I will be visiting back to this page and adding the new links. The link to this page is in the sidebar, in Past Blogs Index  box.

So here are the links;

Introductory Tao Te Ching Blog

"No Name"  Tao Te Ching,  verse 1 for Artists

"Opposites Create Each Other" Tao Te Ching, verse 2 for Artists 

Non Action "Tao Te Ching" verse 3 for Artists

The Void "Tao Te Ching" verse 4 For Artists

Never Exhausting Emptiness "Tao Te Ching" verse 5 For Artists

The Creative Source "Tao Te Ching" verse 6 for Artists

To Create Selflessly "Tao Te Ching" verse 7 for Artists

Flow Like Water "Tao Te Ching" verse 8 for Artists

Moderation "Tao Te Ching" verse 9 for Artists

Is It Possible? "Tao Te Ching" verse 10 for Artists

The Empty Space "Tao Te Ching" verse 11 for Artists

Less Is More "Tao Te Ching" verse 12 for Artists

Success or Disgrace? Tao Te Ching verse 13 for Artists

Admiration of the Profound "Tao Te Ching" verse 14 for Artists
Learning From the Masters "Tao Te Ching" verse 15 for Artists

Returning to The Source "Tao Te Ching" verse 16 for Artist 

The Art of Leading "Tao Te Ching" verse 17 for Artists

Remembering The Way "Tao Te Ching" verse 18 for Artists 

Simplicity "Tao Te Ching" verse 19 for Artists 

Alone, Yet Content "Tao Te Ching" Verse 20 for Artists
Beyond the Appearances "Tao Te Ching" Verse 21 for Artists

Yield To Be Whole "Tao Te Ching" Verse 22 for Artists 

Know When It Is Enough "Tao Te Ching" verse 23 for Artists

Self Promotion "Tao Te Ching" verse 24 for Artists 

The Greatness of Everything "Tao Te Ching" verse 25 for Artists

Remaining Centred "Tao Te Ching" verse 26 for Artists


  1. Please excuse my ignorance Lilith, but can you give a little background--what *is* Tao Te Ching, who was Lao Tzu? And why do you choose this to try and interpret, this specifically?

    1. There are many scholars who have studied it, so I will give couple of links for background.
      Myself I am not an expert, but I have taken this challenge for self development. It also goes along with and is affirming the understanding I have developed through my art/life. It is a guide for living wisely, written in short verses (more like riddles), giving advice on living in harmony with the Universe and it's principles. Written in about 6-4th century BC, but very relevant.